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Dealing with the first steps of your building project, whether it involves solely excavation or requires demolition as well, can be a challenging task, especially if you do not have the right equipment at your disposal. This is one of the many reasons why turning to reliable professionals is worth considering. Do you have a building project coming up? Are you looking for an excavating contractor to help you clear the first step? If so, you can rely on the experts at Whitson Farms Excavation Company for a professional service. Situated in Cookeville, TN, we serve homeowners, work with commercial clients, and invite you to browse our website to find out more about us and the pros of hiring our excavation and other services.

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Whitson Farms Excavation Company offers professional yard excavation along with other related services for various projects that you have planned. We come with different machinery and dig with attention to every detail at hand. We follow all safety protocols and promise to meet your needs in a timely manner.


We will make sure that everything that stands in the way of your building or landscaping project/s is promptly removed. For that, we will bring jackhammers with cordless drills, bars, circular saws, and other pieces of equipment to make sure we carefully tear down any structure you need.


This is the process of forming underground tunnels with trench walls to prevent health risks from cave-ins during the foundation construction work. We have the skills and top-shelf equipment at our disposal to dig a footer and prepare your construction site for laying the foundation.

Grading Driveways

Grading Driveways
We know that gravel driveways need grading on a frequent basis to keep them free of holes. Once we make sure the sub-grade is stable, we will proceed to the grading process, making sure your outdoor structure is well-protected from water.
Client Testimonials

True Professionals

I was online looking for an excavation service when I stumbled upon this company. They had nice reviews and a well-made website, which is why I entrusted them with the job. They proved to be true experts and I am happy to have found them.

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T nT
Need a project done and was better than expected

Pros to Consider 

With our excavation company preparing your construction site, you won’t have to worry about any deadlines. Along with the quick completion of the work, we operate with professionals who will take care of everything in accordance with your budget. If a problem occurs during any excavating process or demolition work, we have the knowledge to easily solve any problem that stands in our way.

Experts for any Job 

We take our job seriously, be it demolition with excavation or a driveway grading project. We operate with knowledge and familiarity of the processes involved, along with top-shelf machinery and equipment at our disposal. We can quickly adapt to different changes our clients wish to make along the way. We give free estimates on our labor and stand behind every safety protocol we follow during any type of work. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact our company in Cookeville, TN if you are interested in a professional excavation service, demolition work, or the other services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

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